Bingo tips and tricks for beginners

Anyone who has often looked for bingo tips & tricks has surely read that one should pay attention to the value of the individual bingo card. How is this meant? Well, there are different ways to participate in bingo. For example, you can choose whether you prefer to buy 8 bingo cards at 0.25 euros or prefer one card at two euros. Again, it’s about the old topic: probability of winning vs. Amount of profit.

Of course, the one who buys more cards also has higher chances of winning – the potential win amount is higher, however, if you bet a larger amount, in this case two euros. Here the user is spoiled for choice: does he want to win with a higher degree of certainty or does he want to crack the “super win”?

Use the auto deaf function

Our bingo tip revolves around the so-called “car stupid” function (also called auto-marking). The numbers that are displayed on the bingo field are automatically underlined by the computer . In this way you can avoid many mistakes and thus increase your chances of winning.

The similarity strategy

A completely different option is of course to choose cards that are very similar, as this maximizes the hit rate. The exact opposite strategy also applies, of course: the more different the cards are from each other, the greater the range of numbers and the higher the chances of winning. As you can quickly see, the user is again spoiled for choice: Both strategies can work – but they don’t necessarily have to.

Increase stakes slowly

This very simple bingo strategy can turn out to be quite effective at times – it simply consists in slowly increasing the stakes. So you start the game with a small bet, see if Fortuna is on your side and play each subsequent round with a slightly higher bet. Beginners in particular should avoid this strategy, as it can lead to greater financial losses if you are unlucky – after all, you never know when you will lose your luck. With this strategy it is definitely advisable to “stop when it is most beautiful”.

Perhaps the most important tip – Have your gaming behavior under control

We have saved perhaps the most important strategy for last and is about having your own gaming behavior under control. Even if you sometimes have dry spells while playing bingo, you should not, for example, suddenly wager a lot more money than was planned or in any other way lose your role. It should be remembered that bingo is a game of chance that is purely for entertainment. Any winnings are of course welcome by every player – but should not form the basis for the game itself. Online casinos where bingo is particularly fun are 888 Casino  and Quasar Gaming .


Use bingo tips with brains

Bingo gamblers around the globe are always looking for the most effective bingo tips & tricks . To be clear once again: Bingo is a game of chance that cannot be influenced by the players and is simply subject to luck. However, there are some bingo strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning without facing major financial problems. The tips we have listed are quick to implement and understand, even for newbies. However, more experienced players don’t miss out and can  benefit from the great Sunmaker Reload Bonus , for example . Who knows, maybe one or the other strategy will bring you your “BINGO!”?